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1 CM Storm Launching gaming keyboard Trigger Z

CM Storm Trigger-Z Gaming Mechanical Keyboard: Full Force Gaming Arsenal

Cooler Master, a leading creator, innovator and manufacturer of desktop components and more, today unveiled the successor to the Trigger mechanical keyboard that launched the CM Storm Gaming keyboard line. Trigger-Z, a premium gaming hub and mechanical keyboard.

Fully Programmable Mechanical Keyboard
Utilize fully programmable macro and standard keys with profile management for up to five profiles and up to 75 macros. Significantly reduce setup times by storing profiles and key assignments within your Trigger-Z with 64KB of onboard memory. Stay ahead of the competition with easily downloadable firmware and software updates via the CM Storm Gaming site at:Click Me

Integrated multimedia keys make it easy to control your audio experience in and out of the action while the Trigger-Z Storm key can quickly disable Windows key input to avoid accidental presses during intense matches. Built-in audio outputs allow gamers to easily setup their gaming station all in one place.

Comfort is a key factor when sitting at the computer for long periods of time. A detachable wrist rest and non-slip rubber coating assist in preventing pains by providing proper support for wrists and reducing unwanted keyboard movements or slides.

14K gold plated ultra low latency USB connectors and high-grade braided cable ensure that the keyboard maintains a steady link to the PC.

Cherry MX Switches
Trigger-Z will be available in high quality Cherry MX Brown, Red, and Blue switches.


0 CM Storm Release Ceres-300, Ceres-500 Gaming Headsets

CM Storm Ceres-300, Ceres-500 Gaming Headsets
Gaming Loud and Clear

Taipei, Taiwan – October 31, 2013 – Cooler Master, a leading creator, innovator and manufacturer of desktop components and more, today announces the CM Storm Ceres-300 and Ceres-500 gaming headsets, Less Weight, More Sound. Each headset contains a booming power infused sound to keep gamers in tune with in-game actions.

Immersive, Comfortable, Breathable
Large 40mm drivers sit behind the booming power of the Ceres-300 and Ceres-500. Delve into your games, music, movies, and even internet calls with absolute clarity.

Following the Ceres-400, Ceres-300 comes with a more streamlined profile and glossy finished look. Thicker padded cushions and an adjustable headband means you’ll game in absolute comfort with the perfect fit at any time. Powerful 40mm drivers deliver high quality and booming sound. A detachable, flexible, and omni-directional microphone ensures clear and close communication with teammates.

Ceres-500 is designed with full ear coverage and breathable mesh ear cups that not only provide great comfort, but noise isolation as well. Its foldable, swivel ear cup design gives gamers easier storage and transportation around LAN parties or during downtimes in between battles. Ceres-500 offers a dual usage mode to switch between Console/PC mode. A built-in amplifier paired with 40mm drivers provides gamers with a deep, full-range, and booming sound to give them the competitive edge in a match.

More information about the Ceres-300 and Ceres-500 can be found on our CM Storm Gaming Site: http://www.cmstorm.com/en/products/audio/

Ceres-300 and Ceres-500, the choice for gamers that need the adrenaline rush and quality of the professional gaming arena contained in a competitively priced package.



GalaxyTech, a leading manufacturer of performance graphics cards, announced today dates for their World Legendary OC Event. From what started out in 2008, with a few hundred people to now thousands, with the worlds best overclockers attending year on year, this event now has world-wide recognition as one of the OC events not to be missed.

This year plans to be even bigger, 20 world’s best OC athletes have been invited to take main stage at this event to go head-2-head at the beating the current World OC records, as well as a Charity free fight-overclocking, LOL gaming contest, Handheld gaming contest, Catwalk and more, all streamed in real time across media sites world wide.

There are 20 OCers we invited from different countries and they will gather together in Shanghai to have great fun on the OC competition.  Everyone is excited and they all aim to break the world record during the event by using galaxy latest Gefore 780ti HOF.   Them will do the live broadcasting, live update on the score board and individual promotion event in different media platform so that the user in every corner of the world could enjoy and be part of the event.  There is a broadcasting media-OCTV, http://www.overclocking-tv.com/, they are the professional media team for the Overclocking event and they will do the live steaming during the event.  They will also keep update of the event status in every minutes on galaxy website: www.galaxytech.com.   

Galaxy Esports Carnival & Galaxy Overclocking Carnival 2013
GEC/GOC 2013

For promoting Gaming & Oveclocking sports activities, GalaxyTech has been organizing this stunning annual event since 2008.
The Galaxy GPU Party was previously held in different provinces of China like Beijing and Guangzhou and later incorporated Gaming Contest into the event, Wuhan, China last year.

Starting with a few hundred participants to thousands, Galaxy GPU Party has earned its? name in every corner of the Gaming & Overclocking communities in China and South East Asia.

To further contribute and better serve the communities, GalaxyTech has decided to invite Top Overclockers from around the world to get a touch on the Galaxy culture and VGA products manufactured by GalaxyTech.

This year them will have:-

Overclocking Contest
Charity Free Fight-Overclocking
Overclocking Show
LOL Gaming Contest
Handheld Gaming Contest-Galapad
Lucky Draw
Real time online report on Contest

Media from:-

China, over 10 provinces
Hong Kong

Galaxy Overclocking Teams:-

Team 1: 張明仪/Pt1t
Team 2: Xtreme Addict/Splave
Team 3: SF3D/T0lsty
Team 4: Hazzan/Hero
Team 5: Dancop/Strategos San
Team 6: Stephen Yeong/8pack
Team 7: OC_Windforce/ZoLKoRn
Team 8: Matose/Shimizu
Team 9: Lucky_n00b/Littleboy
Team10: X800pro/Smoke

World’s OC Athletes line up:


0 QuickFire Ultimate - A Full Size, Completely Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

QuickFire Ultimate - A Full Size, Completely Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Cooler Master, an industry leading case, thermal solution, gaming gear, and mobile accessory manufacturer, announced the release of its newest keyboard: QuickFire Ultimate.

Cooler Master has taken all the features of previous QuickFire keyboards and added enhancements. The result is the QuickFire Ultimate - the most feature packed mechanical gaming keyboard in the QuickFire line.

The QuickFire Ultimate is a full sized, steel-reinforced, completely backlit mechanical gaming keyboard.

Quality That Lasts
High quality Cherry MX switches means faster key presses and response times. Select from 3 different Cherry MX switches: red, blue or brown. These long-lasting switches are rated for over 50 million key strokes. The key caps are laser-marked and have a non-glossy coating to improve tactile response and eliminate fading. An embedded steel plate gives the Ultimate maximum stability and durability. A gold plated, braided USB cable and routing management groove maintains a strong link between keyboard and PC.

Your Gaming Command Center
QuickFire Ultimate has full LED backlights with 5 brightness levels. 3 modes can be toggled so only select keys will be on. N-key roll over in USB mode means every single key press is registered. 7 easy access multimedia shortcuts let you change settings on-the-fly.

Key features:
-         Mechanical CHERRY MX switches with a lifespan of over 50 million key presses
-         Full LED backlight, with 3 modes and 5 brightness levels
-         NKRO over USB for unlimited simultaneous keystrokes
-         Embedded steel plate for maximum stability and durability
-         Super Grip pads and Keyboard stand-offs with rubber feet
-         Windows keys can be disabled
-         7 easy-access multimedia shortcuts
-         Detachable braided USB cable and cable routing groves at the underside of the keyboard

QuickFire XT is also available in the market now!
A full 104 key sibling to the top-rated QuickFire Rapid. Exhibiting the same extremely solid construction that won the hearts of QuickFire Rapid owners, the QuickFire XT utilizes top-rated Cherry MX mechanical switches available in various switch types to give a more unique and customized typing experience. Featuring a smooth and clean aesthetic, ultra-slim body design, and adjustable repeat rates, the QuickFire XT also includes laser-marked keycaps and a non-glossy matte finish. This total package is complemented by a set of extra keycaps (including a key puller) that give the keyboard, and its user, a bit of individuality that provides a striking outlook.

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